Cyber Smarts for Students

Cyber Smarts for Students

von: William Tan, Abhishek Allamsetty, Jack Duvall, Gabriel Wimmer, Richard Lun, Monica Saraf

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Veröffentl.: 09.04.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781543931655
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Technology and the Internet has become a necessity for all students, some as young as kindergarten age. However, going online and connecting with other people also means risk for students. Based on their research and actual experience, the authors of this book, themselves students from a nationally-renown high school as well as national team finalist of 2016 National CyberPatriot Competition, explained what are the most important safety issues that face students while working and playing on the Internet and how to handle those safety concerns. The topics addressed in this book include Internet privacy and shared responsibility, being good cybercitizens, protecting data and devices while travelling with technology, green recycling devices, password, physical security, remote access, ransomware, personal data backup plan, phishing scam, shopping safely online, IoT world security, etc. These topics are important to anyone who uses the Internet, however this book is written by students to speak directly to the students themselves. This student-to-student style not only make this book easy and fun to read by students, but also easy and efficient to learn and actually implement by the students.

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