How Bruce Springsteen's Music Saved My Life

How Bruce Springsteen's Music Saved My Life

The Story of a Bullied Boy

von: Oskari Olli

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Verlag: Oskari Olli
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 11.05.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9783963767142
Sprache: englisch
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Book will tell a true story how I survived from a heavy bullying in high school. It took me over 20 years to build enough courage to share my story. It goes deep in detail how the bullying affects, and how was my regular school day. When the bullying finally ended, I didn't know it was just the beginning. Could I have been a school shooter? Book will go to a dark territory with a recipe of a school shooter. What we can do to prevent those horrible actions from happening. How can someone become a monster? Music can bring lost souls from darkness to light. Writing about my passion of music. What could Bruce Springsteen do this lost soul? I dropped from two schools, but music gave me my education, it gave me a language I could speak. "Before leaving to school: It was time to look at the school schedule one more time, not to check what school subjects I would have. I couldn't care less what subjects I would have. It was simply time to make a daily survival plan based on the school schedule, which door is safe to use, which way to go after each class, how to get the home the fastest route...", "How can a teenager deal with this type of thing? There are no tools or a guide. In schools, there are these educational things, like remember safe sex, alcohol is bad for you, smoking is bad...but not a single lesson about how bullying can affect someone...", "We lived in a small town, and the only way I could have been saved would have been a witness protection program in a different country. I don't know what my parents would have thought of that idea....". If you have ever wondered what bullying can do to a young mind. Here's your chance.
Oskari Olli has been gone trough tough times in his life. Writing about how he survived bullying during his high school years, and long road to recovery. Sharing his touching survival story and how the bullying affects a teenager. Going even deeper with the recipe of a school shooter, and how to prevent them. How he really discovered music of Bruce Springsteen. Really touching writer of a true stories.

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