Avoid The Noise: Five Key Concepts for Financial Success

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Letter from The O’Donnell Group

Many people today are facing difficult choices in achieving their financial goals and, as well they should, are asking serious questions. Our goal with Avoid the Noise is to help you see through the noise of the marketplace in order to systematically make smart decisions about your money.

Because educated investors are the most successful investors, we have created Avoid the Noise to show you a Nobel Prize–winning approach crafted to optimize your investment portfolio over time. We have designed it specifically to not only support you in your efforts to preserve what you already have, but to also efficiently capture the market’s returns for your investments.

In addition, because we recognize that reaching your financial goals requires more than just good investment management, we have also described an approach—comprehensive wealth management—that systematically addresses your entire range of financial issues.

We believe in empowering people to make the best decisions for themselves or, if they wish, to astutely choose a financial advisor who can implement sound wealth management principles.

We sincerely hope that it will provide you with a framework for an intelligent approach to making financial decisions that will help you to achieve all your most important dreams.



Ryan T. O’Donnell, CFP


Mike O’Donnell, CFP

Table of Contents

Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Your Financial Life

Rising Above the Noise

Five Key Concepts for Financial Success

Concept One: Leverage Diversification to Reduce Risk

Concept Two: Seek Lower Volatility to Enhance Returns

Concept Three: Use Global Diversification to Enhance Returns and Reduce Risk

Concept Four: Employ Asset Class Investing

Concept Five: Design Efficient Portfolios

Your Next Steps

Second Opinion Service

Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Your Financial Life

Money means different things to different people. Each of us has different dreams.