Beneath Outback Skies

Beneath Outback Skies

Outback Dust

von: Alissa Callen, Melle Stewart

33,99 €

Verlag: Aurora
Format: MP3 (in ZIP-Archiv)
Veröffentl.: 01.01.2020
ISBN/EAN: 9781787822665
Sprache: englisch

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Paige Quinn will let nothing and no one distract her from caring for her wheelchair-bound father Connor, or fighting for her remote draught-stricken property Banora Downs – least of all a surprise farm-stay guest named Tait Cavanaugh, whose smooth words are as lethal as his movie-star smile. Expecting him to be trouble, Paige is anything but welcoming toward their visitor – except she can't help noticing that, for a city boy, Tait seems unexpectedly at home on the land. And he asks a lot of questions… But no matter how much he helps out or how much laughter he brings into her life, Paige soon comes to suspect that Tait is harbouring a big secret. What is the real reason he's found his way to Banora Downs – and just what does his past have to do with it?

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