Cereal City Guide: New York

Cereal City Guide: New York

von: Rosa Park, Rich Stapleton

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Verlag: Abrams
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 04.12.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781683353393
Sprache: englisch
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From the leading independent travel and style magazine Cereal comes Cereal City Guide: New York: a portrait of the Empire City offering a finely curated edit on what to see and do for discerning travelers and locals alike.   Rich Stapleton and Rosa Park, Cereal's founders, travel extensively for the magazine and were inspired to create a series of city guides that highlighted their favorite places to visit. Now, after building a loyal readership that counts on their unique, considered advice, they are relaunching the books with a fresh design and new content.   Rather than a comprehensive directory of all there is to see and do, these Cereal City Guides offer instead an edit of points of interest and venues that reflect Cereal's values in both quality and aesthetic sensibility. Rich and Rosa have personally visited hundreds of venues in New York, distilling their preferred locales down to their firm favorites. From the inspired boutiques which reflect that distinctive New Yorker eclecticism to the local restaurants that feed them, these are the finds that that will offer a more personal take on the city. Meticulously researched and illustrated with original photography, each guide includes:  
- photo essays of striking images of the city
- an illustrated neighborhood map
- interviews and essays from celebrated locals, such as chef Camille Becerra, shop owner Kai Avent-deLeon, and more
- lists of essential architectural points of interest, museums, galleries, day trips outside the city, and unique goods to buy
- an itinerary for an ideal day in New York Cereal City Guide: New York is a design-focused portrait of an iconic city, offering a distinctive look at the best museums, galleries, restaurants, and shops.   Also, check out Cereal City Guide: London and Cereal City Guide: Paris.      
Rosa Park is cofounder and editor in chief of Cereal. Rich Stapleton is Cereal's cofounder and art director. They live in Bath, England. Cereal is a biannual magazine known for its original take on fashion, design, and travel, with a readership of more than 120,000.

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