Challenges and Opportunities for Knowledge Organization in the Digital Age

Challenges and Opportunities for Knowledge Organization in the Digital Age

Proceedings of the Fifteenth International ISKO Conference 9-11 July 2018 Porto, Portugal
Advances in Knowledge Organization, Band 16 1. Aufl.

von: Fernanda Ribeiro, Maria Elisa Cerveira

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The 15th International ISKO Conference has been held in Porto (Portugal) under the topic Challenges and opportunities for KO in the digital age. ISKO has been organizing biennial international conferences since 1990, in order to promote a space for debate among Knowledge Organization (KO) scholars and practitioners all over the world.
The topics under discussion in the 15th International ISKO Conference are intended to cover a wide range of issues that, in a very incisive way, constitute challenges, obstacles and questions in the field of KO, but also highlight ways and open innovative perspectives for this area in a world undergoing constant change, due to the digital revolution that unavoidably moulds our society. Accordingly, the three aggregating themes, chosen to fit the proposals for papers and posters to be submitted, are as follows: 1 – Foundations and methods for KO; 2 – Interoperability towards information access; 3 – Societal challenges in KO. In addition to these themes, the inaugural session includes a keynote speech by Prof. David Bawden of City University London, entitled Supporting truth and promoting understanding: knowledge organization and the curation of the infosphere.

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