Choose the Perfect Baby Name

Choose the Perfect Baby Name

von: Sonia Ducie

13,49 €

Verlag: Osprey
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 01.01.2012
ISBN/EAN: 9781780280455
Sprache: englisch

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What's the right name for baby? It's in the numbers! Sonia Ducie provides concise numerological information to guide parents, showing how to access the hidden energy of any name and expose its true essence. She reveals the importance of First, Middle and Family Names; gives a breakdown of the 100 most popular names; and provides a list of 500 girl and 500 boy names for inspiration. The Expression Number ALEXANDER JAKE PETER EDWARDS Alexander (3), Jake (9), Peter (1), Edwards (2) =3+9+1+2 = 15; 1+5 = 6. The Expression Number is a 6 This represents the wisdom you've gained in the past (or past lives), and highlights ways in which you can ground this potential; health and lifestyle, career, relationships, and soul growth.

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