Highway to Hollywood

Highway to Hollywood

von: Mary Strang, Hailey Gaiser

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Verlag: Bookbaby
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 22.11.2011
ISBN/EAN: 9781618426925
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 112

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Holy smoke! It's a hullabaloo, with hooey, hoopla, and humor as Hester, Hilda, and Holly deal with Hester's curly hair. Will a trip to the hairdresser heal Hester's heartache? Or will it lead them down a path they never expected?
Can Hester ever come to love her curly hair, and her straight-haired sister Hilda? Will Mom Holly Hair ever have peace in her home? See how they stumble upon a solution when they visit Hazel Helen's salon. No matter if your hair is long, short, straight, or curly, you will enjoy Hester and Hilda's zany hair problems.
This is the perfect book for an adult reader to share with a child, or the perfect book for a child to read to improve his or her vocabulary. The whimsical and whacky words tell a humorous story, to entertain and to foster a love of words. Colorful illustrations ignite the imagination. Includes a useful glossary to boost your child's word wisdom. 
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