How to Prosper, Survive or Die Under Godfather Management

How to Prosper, Survive or Die Under Godfather Management

A Guide for New Hires

von: Leo Bartlett

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It may be a matter of opinion calling a manager 'Godfather'. What one person feels is a great Godfather manager frustrate other employees. Individual personality styles of the supervisor and employee can the basis for this description of a supervisor. The results may please an organization yet interfere with individual personal needs.The author observed successful and unproductive approaches over the past fifty years. Styles span from Godfather (GF) to situational. GF's rely on issuing orders and demanding completion on time, without question, being unaware fear is being generated in employees. Situational Managers take the time to understand the follower's ability and willingness to do the job and supports them when needed. This means providing both task and relationship behaviors that grow employees. Why do some prosper and grow under this style while others die?Controlling tactics create a fearful environment. It accomplishes short range results, not for individuals but for the organization and their job security. The variance between satisfaction and frustration is being able to recognize these tactics early in a career.

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