An Oasis in Time

von: Kamel Abu Jaber

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Verlag: Hesperus Press Ltd.
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 25.05.2023
ISBN/EAN: 9781843919902
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 208

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This is the story of my handsome, fair haired blue-eyed Bedouin husband of 65 years, Dr. Kamel Abu Jaber who had the aplomb to propose to me the first time we met. Thankfully and as a result of his relentless pursuit I eventually agreed. I discovered that he lived his whole life like this; wholeheartedly with sincerity , commitment and honesty.
In his memoirs, that he tried to finish before his passing in May of 2020 and that I am now publishing posthumously, you'll read about how he went from a tiny village in Jordan to the United States and back; how he became a pioneer in higher education; how he became an influencer for peace, humanity, and harmony in his beloved country and on the world stage. You will also get a very personal glimpse into his family history which predates that of Jordan by several centuries.
A true advocate of Aristotle's idea that there are only two constants in life time and change, he includes recollections of the events in Jordan and Palestine where he grew up that changed the lives of his entire generation and continue to impact our lives today.
He always said his life like that of Jordan was beautiful and full of hope adding that in spite of the twists and turns of his life he always seemed to end up exactly where he was meant to be.

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