When Nothing Is Impossible

When Nothing Is Impossible

Spanish surgeon Diego González Rivas' global crusade against cancer and pain

von: Elena Pita

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Veröffentl.: 21.06.2018
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Impossible is nothing. With that as his motto, Spanish surgeon Diego González Rivas takes up his fight against cancer and pain. Using his revolutionary technique, Uniportal VATS, he can remove the most complicated tumors from the lungs through a single incision, sometimes with only local anesthetic, sending his patients home a mere 48 hours after surgery.

Doctor González Rivas (A Coruña, 1974) dislikes calling himself brave, preferring instead to point to his experience. Every year alone, he performs more than 800 major surgeries around the globe, half of them at Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital. In his quest to teach his technique to as many surgeons as possible, he travels the world at such an intense pace, that on many mornings he awakes not knowing where he is. The first to open a surgery channel on You Tube, he is also one of the most active doctors in disseminating surgical advances on social media.
Elena Pita (Ares, Spain; September 1962) is a writer and journalist. She is the author of the novels 'No amarás a tu madre' and 'Amor sin decir Amalia'; collection of interviews 'El bello oficio de hacerse viejo' and 'El oficio de amar', as well as several stories published in literary anthologies. In 1989 she was a member of the founding team of the daily 'El Mundo', now the second largest printed and first largest digital newspaper in Spain, where she began as one of the editors of the first International Policy Desk, then became editor of the Literary Supplement. She ultimately found her niche in the interview format for which she is now known. Ms. Pita studied Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid and has done residencies in several European universities.

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